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He Passed!

Well, Grady defied all odds and passed his final puppy class exam. I was a bit nervous when we got there and he went nuts playing with all of his friends for the last time. I didn’t think he could settle down. But settle he did, and it only took him two tries to get “leave […]

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Practice Run

Grady had his penultimate puppy training class tonight. It was held outside because a kid pulled the pin out of a fire extinguisher in Petco and there was foam everywhere. Score. Jessica set up a course and each puppy took a practice exam. Believe it or not, the monster did well. He passed, and apparently […]

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Sit. Stay. …Touch?

No amount of reading [“So You Just Got A Puppy: NOW WHAT?” “Barron’s Guide to Bernese Mountain Dogs” “The Idiot’s Guide to Puppy Training”] can truly prepare you for a ten-week-old puppy. Books tell you what to do to get your dog to listen, but they don’t tell you what to do when your dog […]

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