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Incredible, Edible Volcano

In her Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, Christina Tosi describes a trip to France and her first experience with what she will later name a “Volcano” as follows: We found a bench outside and unwrapped this mound of bread that looked like it had some sort of creamy gravy inside. Still half-asleep, we [Christina and David […]

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Raisin Branna Cotta

The Best/Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done In My Life was buy Shaun this cookbook for Valentine’s Day: Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar cookbook is essentially a compilation of all of the most incredible desserts in the entire world. THE ENTIRE WORLD. I’ve raved about Milk Bar before. If you live in New York and have never […]

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Foodies On the TeeVee

FYI, two great clips of two great chefs: I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth [although lately it feels like it], but there are two desserts I could always go for. One: Arch’s Wow Cow. Can’t go wrong at 12 calories per ounce. Two: Birthday Cake Truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar. IF YOU HAVE NEVER […]

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