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Charlottesville Fall Classic 10K

Welcome to the other side of 10K. Cross the fall classic off of the B.L.! 7:00AM: 39 degrees. 7:30AM: 41 degrees. Tons of layers. Over 200 runners, 6.21 miles. NO ONE participated in the costume contest. Thankfully my halloween gear consisted only of a bow in my hair and a sparkly spider. I had two […]

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Race #2: How I’m Preparing

Tomorrow marks Race #2: The C’Ville Fall Classic 10K. This one’s just a tad longer than Race #1, but still manageable [the April 2012 half marathon I just signed up for? less manageable].  And, EXCITING because my bestie and bridesmaid Erin will be here! Here’s how I’m preparing for 6:00AM wake up call number two: […]

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On Running Training and Road Trip Mixtapes

To Peek or not to Peek? When you’re preparing for a race, do you run the route beforehand? I was on the fence about testing out the Charlottesville Fall Classic [10K] route, because when I run without knowing where I’m going, it seems less painful to me [my mind works in mysterious ways]. Curiosity got […]

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