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My Apologies and More Odds

Hey. Sorry for the radio silence. I just couldn’t get into writing the past few days. There’s plenty to report [Paula Deen has diabetes, come on], but I’ve had little motivation to do so. Not sure why. I guess it’s time for a life re-cap, with some foodie news, reading news, news news, word vomit, […]

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Odds and Ends at the End

It’s the first day of the final week of the final “winter break” ever. Well, if you consider Monday the first day of the week. I do. Why doesn’t the week start on a Thursday? Thursday’s generally a non-disappointing day. But I digress in the most boring way. So yes, after seven years of having at […]

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Ever Seen a Kehinde Wiley in Person?

I still haven’t, but I did see a giant stuffed whale. More on that in a second. Shaun and I took a trip to Richmond today to go to one of the holiest of places for vegetarians and vegans: Ipanema Cafe. Snuggled below a tattoo parlor on Grace Street, this cafe is one of the […]

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