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Wedding 101: Why the Florist is Your Best Friend

Before we met Amy, we had three colors, a caterer, a cake, a DJ, no clothes for our bridal party, and an empty theater. After we met Amy, things started coming together. We saw what colors went where. I was able to visualize the space with our things in it. We could finally begin to see […]

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Wedding 101: The Bridal Party

Happy Labor Day! I celebrated by attending class, because we did not have off. Strange? Before class, I completed a 5.5-mile run in 48 minutes – not the best. I’d say it’s a good start for bridal boot camp/masochism/me-being-me training, though. Unfortunately, the lack of traffic because no one else had a reason to be […]

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Wedding 101: Selecting the Venue

Choosing the proper location for a wedding is one of the first and most difficult choices a couple makes in the planning process. It involves two levels of consideration. At the first level: where, geographically, do the two of you want the wedding to occur? This involves considering the home-bases of your respective families, whether […]

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