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The New Year’s Vacation: Part Now

Lucky for us, our January vacation [see I, II, III, IV and V] didn’t end when we returned to Charlottesville – we still have about 20 more days of vacationing in 2012. How do you spend 20 empty days, you ask? Let me tell you: Grady-ing: Grady had surgery on Wednesday, and requires ten days of […]

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Thanksgiving: Why Not Cater?

[The Inquirer has an interesting post about the deaths at the Philadelphia Marathon yesterday that paints a pretty gruesome picture of marathon running. One runner, a 21-year-old senior at Penn, was participating in the half marathon when he had a heart attack at the finish line. Occurrences like this really put things in perspective: even the most […]

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New Gifts and New Routines

It’s still raining in Charlottesville, and it’s starting to wear on us. But a wonderful surprise waiting on our porch when we got home from class turned the afternoon around! I blogged last week about how it took forever to cut a butternut squash with our sad, sad knives. To my surprise, my Aunt Bev responded by sending […]

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