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Into the Wavves Archives…

In other news, I’m so glad I wrote about the Zombie 5K – Shaun and I now have a friend who agreed to run for his life with us! We’d welcome more people on our team, too. It is the zombie apocalypse, after all… there’s strength in numbers. I blogged earlier about the obsessive nature with which […]

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What’s Making Me Happy Today

On days like today, when it’s unclear whether it will ever be sunny again, it’s easy to feel grumpy. Some of us respond by sleeping all day: Others [sub-text: me] frump around in their new favorite article of clothing: a school sweatshirt, in a women’s size, without a hood, but with a pocket. This is […]

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The Newest Mixtape

Sunday was [sadly] full of tasks. Rather than visit a winery as planned with two of our friends, I spent the bulk of the afternoon knee-deep in an assignment for class. Then, I noticed muddy footprints on the bottom of the fridge. So Grady got a bath. Now that his legs are growing and he’s […]

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