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Bar Review!

But not the one you think I mean. I promise, there’s no law in here. I got protein bar happy at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and bought a variety to sample. I’ve never been able to eat these as a “meal.” I see people bringing Clif bars to class as “breakfast” or “lunch” […]

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Go Ahead, Live a Little

Gunnar Peterson, a prominent fitness guru slash personal trainer, was recently quoted saying, “Just try and make the right choices most of the time…If you make them all the time then you’re just flat out boring and then you become a weird fitness zealot, and at the end of the day nobody wants to be […]

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November Notes on Health & Humanity

While I’m happy to share these stories with you this morning, I write on them with a bit of sadness and frustration, because my normal outlet for “shares,” Google Reader, has been overhauled by Google. The company removed the following, sharing, and commenting functions from the RSS program, meaning many of us Reader loyalists are […]

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