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This Post is (Almost) All About Food and Philly.

There’s been a lot of food in my life between weddings, five days of work orientation/events and – wait for it – passing the bar. Shaun and I are excited to report [after about 24 hours of obsessively refreshing the PA Board of Law Examiners’ website] that our names are actually on the list of “successful […]

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Here is A Non-Exhaustive List of Stupid Things I Bought While Studying for the Bar:

Well, the Bar Exam is over [!!!]. Not going to lie, it was grueling. The first day [the essay portion] I honestly felt great.  I’m comfortable with my answers – at the very least, I answered every question and I feel some of them were on point. The second day, however, is another story. I’m […]

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Happy MPRE/Anniversary to Us.

[Good morning! As you read this, third-year law students across the country are en route to the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. We’re all as excited as you are, too. Cross your fingers and hope we don’t have to make this trip again in March…] Neither I nor Shaun is really like Gloria on Modern Family, […]

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