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Recent C’Ville Studs and Duds

Last weekend was a pretty busy three-day-weekend for us. By busy, I mean busy experimenting with food and drink [mostly drink]. This week was a different kind of busy, the “too much work not enough time” kind, so I never got the opportunity to write about the awesome new things [and the less awesome things] […]

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Top of the Hops Beer Fest

Of particular note today: Paul Simon’s 9/11 tribute. Yesterday afternoon, we walked over to the “nTelos Wireless”* Pavilion on the Downtown Mall for the Top of the Hops Festival! This is the second year ToTH has come to Charlottesville, and we were so excited. Even though we had VIP tickets [which came with food], we […]

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New Belgium Crosses the Mississippi

This morning, I discovered our kitchen scale battery is dead. This led to an unfortunate chain of events including eyeballing the amount of coffee beans to put into the burr grinder, leaving the burr grinder on too long, getting the grounds all over the countertop, etc. My coffee doesn’t taste the best, and this doesn’t […]

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