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Pizza Night

It didn’t take me long to answer my question from the last post re: what to do with the rest of the Mother Dough. Clearly, the best option for snow day dinner was cozy and filling home-made pizza with Italian wine. We used to make pizza with store-bought dough [they make it fresh for you […]

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Pizza, ish.

Dude, this recipe is bomb. That is all. It’s pizza “dough,” made with cauliflower flour rather than grain flour [say that ten times fast?]. I got the recipe from Beth’s blog, and played around with it a little. Rather than a one-to-one ratio of cauliflower flour to cheese, I upped the cauliflower, subbed vegan cheese, […]

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So Many Accomplishments

I can’t believe how long it just took me to respond to my backlog of e-mails from the weekend. It’s amazing how quickly things pile up when you’re out enjoying yourself with your family. I had a chance to chat with quite a few people from my job, because I’ve now officially accepted – and […]

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