Listen Well, Will You Marry Me?

Some of life’s little moments kind of suck. Like moments when you’re greeted by this:

The epic Battle of Living Room between Sir Grady and The Honorable Pillow I Think I Accidentally Acquired From A Former Roommate At Some Point occurred between 8:30 and 9:30AM this morning [history will never know]. Although there’s only been one reported casualty, the damage was extensive.

Then, there are other little moments that don’t even really involve you, but are still pretty awesome to witness. Like this:

Granted, I cut out the giant yellow chalk penis someone drew next to the question mark, and I have no idea whether he or she actually said “yes,” but this is still pretty awesome.

Then, there are little moments that you’re SO FREAKING EXCITED about, even though no one else gets why its such a big deal. That was last night:

Coheed and Cambria‘s 2012 tour kicked off in Charlottesville [for some weird reason] last night at the Jefferson. Awesome for multiple reasons. First: dude, Coheed and Cambria played at my wedding venue. I’m getting married in there. Second: it’s exam time, so this was a perfectly welcome study break. Third: they rocked it. Fourth: Coheed played a show where I am getting married. Oh wait, I already said that?

To those who aren’t familiar: they are a NY-based band who’ve been creating “concept albums” since 2002, tracking a story that front-man Claudio Sanchez and his now-wife also chronicled in a set of [extremely hard to come by] graphic novels. They’ve got five albums and are apparently working on their sixth. I would say their most distinguishing features are Claudio’s voice and Claudio’s hair, and Josh Eppard’s insane percussion skills [Eppard actually just re-joined the band after leaving in I believe 2006, when he was replaced by Dillinger Escape Plan’s Chris Pennie for live tracks and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins on the recordings].

Second, to those of you who are familiar and are questioning my sanity: I have lots of love for this band for a few reasons.  Their first record came out when my friends and I were just starting to nerd out on music [2002]. The first three [and in my opinion, the best three] followed us through high school, when we slowly began to recognize the intelligence and depth of their music. Repeating musical riffs, subtle connections between songs across albums and crazy guitar solos are everywhere if you listen closely enough [see the “what did I do” riff in Blood Red Summer (second album) and the one in Apollo II (third album) that fades into a BRS-like bridge. it’s bomb]. Plus, there are some incredible rhythms. It’s a music nerd’s dream discography.  Looking back on this, its no wonder I was one of those people who sat on Lostpedia while watching Lost – I have the nerd-out gene.

By the time I was at NYU, I was using their music in my music theory classes to work on transposition, aural comprehension and performance. One of my favorite transpositions was the guitar solo in “The Final Cut” that I had to sing for the class [prof had me do it twice as an example, hated that part]. During my time at NYU I also saw them for the first [and last] time. That was 2005.

When I got the pre-sale e-mail saying they were playing here at the Jefferson, I bought the tickets immediately. I can’t say I had been keeping up with their most recent work, but when something you were so into and so connected to seven years ago shows up at your wedding venue, you just have to take advantage of it. It seems like I wasn’t the only person thinking that way: the show was sold out and packed with people from all over the east coast, cramming up next to one another in a sweaty mosh pit. Having done that as a college freshman, Shaun and I opted for a perch up on the balcony.

They played for almost two hours, beginning with Time Consumer and ending their encore with Welcome Home. The group even threw in a pretty sweet cover of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to Know.” I’m curious to see what his reaction will be given his overtly negative reaction to the cover on Glee. It was an interesting mix of songs, but most of them seemed to be pulled from the second record.* I thought I had gamed the system once I figured out the lights were green for first album songs, red for third, and blue for second [matching the album cover colors], but I can’t be sure. Anyone know?

A great, packed show, and a great way to kick off wedding festivities. Beach House and tUnE-yArDs will also be gracing the Jefferson with their presence prior to our wedding takeover, so it looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time there with some great bands. More great C’Ville moments to come!

* Others: Album 1: Devil in Jersey City; Album 2: Faint of Hearts, A Favor House Atlantic, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, Cuts Marked in the March of Men, Three Evils, The Crowing; Album 3: Ten Speed; Album 4: No World for Tomorrow, Mother Superior, Feathers; Album 5: Here We Are Juggernaut and a bunch I don’t know because I’m not as familiar….

** If anyone takes this as pretentious rather than nerdy, you’ve got me all wrong.


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Courtney grew up in Reading, PA, and has lived in New York City (where she earned a bachelor's degree at NYU), Prague, Philadelphia, and Charlottesville (where she received a J.D. from UVa Law). Courtney and her new husband will settle in Philadelphia following a six-week Euro-trip extravaganza in September of 2012. Courtney's interests include music, writing, criticism, fitness, travel, cooking, and sports. Please enjoy the blog. LinkedIn: Tumblr:


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