Polyface Meat Meal #2: Chicken

The hardest part of exam time is the sad puppy eyes searing through your back as you’re bent over some textbook or hornbook for hours a day. “Play with me,” they beg. And, they don’t understand [or care] about “grades” or “jobs.” So I thought Grady needed a friend. In lieu of a second puppy [which I pushed for, not gonna lie], Grady got Douglas.

meet douglas.

They gazed into each other’s sad puppy eyes for a while. Then, Grady killed him.

this is what I think about your "finals," missy.

Rest in peace, Douglas. I guess there’s no cure for Puppy Sad Eyes. But at least we’re keeping Grady busy by doing things he thinks smell interesting. Like roasting this chicken.

so many smells!

This is part II of III dinners made from meat we purchased at Polyface two weekends ago [for meal #1, go here], and of the two it certainly takes the cake. This lil’ 3-lb chicken was prepared with the marinade from Iowa Girl Eats’ Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and I also prepared her red beans and rice as our side dish. Like IGE, I once took a trip to Jamaica and the food and drink were phenomenal. So was my sunburn. It was great to relive the former sans the latter.

jerk spices. also, playing with point-and-shoot camera settings.

The marinade is made from an array of awesome spices [above] plus vinegar, soy sauce, orange, lime, olive oil, green onion, yellow onion and garlic. I followed Kristin’s recipe pretty much to a T, except I substituted Bragg’s for the soy and a fresh squeezed orange for the orange juice. He marinated all afternoon.


Then, I transferred him into a baking-dish-turned-roasting-dish [vegetarians are ill-equipped to cook meat, can’t you tell] and he chilled in the oven for forever. 25 minutes at 425, then another hour at 375. It’s really only supposed to take 10-20 minutes per pound, but we have an old, old oven, and I’m sure my brownie pan didn’t help things along.

Once our coffee thermometer registered an appropriately edible temperature, we took him out and carved him with a bread knife [remember, ill-equipped vegetarians]. Here’s my portion:

If you recall my reaction to the beef dish, I was less than ecstatic about the taste, texture and fullness factor. This chicken, on the other hand, was to DIE for. I felt full in a less heavy way than with the beef even though I noticed a difference in satiety from my normal vegetarian meals. The meat was dense and juicy, and the marinade rocked [do give that a try]. I picked out the garlic and ate it like candy, because I am weird.  The coconut milk in the rice is also a unique plus, but now we’re left with over half a can – any suggestions?

Shaun proceeded to destroy the remnants of the chicken and prepared a chicken stock with which he’ll be making chicken soup tonight. Considering it’s apparently snowing in my old [and future] home state, this is probably the perfect night for that.

My side project for the day? Baking with PB2. If you recall I wrote a test kitchen post on PB2 back in the January, and after Whole Foods did some raw baked goods with the stuff, I wanted to give it a shot [I mostly just use it in oatmeal and smoothies]. Its subtle flavor was perfect in these oatmeal, peanut butter and carob chip cookies.

pb2 whipped up for the recipe.

the carob melted like butter!

I followed this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker, except I opted for the consistency of the applesauce cookies at ABC by subbing out applesauce for the butter, egg whites for the egg [so no, these aren’t fully vegan] and splenda. Most of the dough is frozen until Thursday, when we’ll whip it out and bake it for Shaun’s Thursday night seminar.

Until next time. I’ve got to knock out some studying before CrossFit. It’s my third On Ramp class and I’m hoping push-ups WON’T be involved tonight.


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One Comment on “Polyface Meat Meal #2: Chicken”

  1. Lauren Bingham
    April 23, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    Leftover coconut milk idea: http://artofdessert.blogspot.com/2012/02/coconut-milk-scones-vegan.html

    Also, that’s the best dessert blog ever.

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