Puppy Updates

Thanks for all of the sweet comments and messages about Mr. Bear. I spent the night sleeping on the floor with our 90-pound puppy, and he was anxious as ever. He got very upset the moment I would start to doze off and stop petting him. It was heartbreaking. I think both Shaun and I had a feeling the morning wouldn’t bring recovery.

Today is day three of him refusing to eat and drink, so our vet has admitted him for the day for tests and observation. We dropped him off this morning.


His second set of x-rays were still inconclusive, although they showed something that the vet was able to narrow down to either an obstruction or intussusception. The obstruction means oops, he bit off more than he could digest of something he shouldn’t have been eating, and his body is struggling to expel it. Intussusception, on the other hand, is when the small intestines fold in on one another, causing them to lose blood flow and then causing the tissue to die. It requires immediate surgery. Apparently it’s common in puppies 6-8 months old [Grady], particularly those [Grady] that eat things they shouldn’t [Grady] [sticks].

Currently, [noon, Friday 3.9] we’re waiting for the vet to call back with the results of an ultrasound.

UPDATE [1:00PM, 3.9]: The ultrasound was relatively inconclusive as well. He didn’t see an intussusception per se, but said he’s unable to rule it out just yet. Apparently Grady is also lacking some of the major symptoms of an obstruction, so they really just can’t tell what’s up yet. The ultrasound showed that his stomach and intestines are filled with fluids, which the vet believes could be the cause of his lack of appetite. For safety, they’re admitting him to the emergency vet for the weekend for observations and to keep him hydrated since he won’t eat or drink.

At the very least, he’ll be there until Sunday [unless, of course, he eats and keeps it down, which would be a wonderful wonderful thing]. If things don’t improve by Monday, the vet will reconsider surgery. The hope [for all parties involved] is that things won’t turn for the worst and that he won’t require surgery at the emergency room over the weekend when the vet is closed. Also, that he won’t require surgery at all! Thanks again for all of the love. We’ll pass it along to the monster when we pick him up at 5:45 to take him to the emergency center. For now, keeping busy busy busy.

I’m craving meat for the first time in a long, long time. I want the greasiest, nastiest burger right now.


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2 Comments on “Puppy Updates”

  1. Michelle
    March 9, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    oh, grady! feel better soon!

  2. March 9, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    Thank you! He’s trying. They’re giving him fluids and IVs now 🙂

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