Recent C’Ville Studs and Duds

Last weekend was a pretty busy three-day-weekend for us. By busy, I mean busy experimenting with food and drink [mostly drink]. This week was a different kind of busy, the “too much work not enough time” kind, so I never got the opportunity to write about the awesome new things [and the less awesome things] we discovered around C’Ville last week.

The Studs:

C’Ville Trippel: Blue Mountain Brewery now offers a Belgian-American style trippel – the Mandolin – on tap. A steal at $6, this is a very floral, very citrus-y Trippel, probably due to the use of American hops, and a great alternative to their Evil 8 Belgian-style Dubbel, which doesn’t stick around into the summer. Be careful with this baby. At 10.6% ABV, it’s not the “one beer” for your DD. Special thanks to Chris for having a birthday and making it such that we had a reason to head out there. It paired perfectly with my veggie wrap.

bright + beautiful: mandolin.

Starr Hill Love: Unfortunately the Trippel-fest did not continue at Starr Hill Brewery, where they’re not serving their new Trippel on tap. However, a tasting allowed us to re-discover the beauty that is their Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. It’s a malty start with a hoppy finish [but not to hoppy for me!] and a beautiful almost crimson color. Make sure you make it out there ASAP for two reasons. First, Wee Heavy is a limited run. Second, the brewery is giving a dollar of any Love-related purchase [cases of the beer, t-shirts, posters, etc.] to breast cancer research. If you’re looking for a perfect spring/summer session beer, definitely give The Love a try. Banana and clove, banana and clove, banana and clove.

love the love.

White Hall Vineyards: Winery days that start at Starr Hill always end at King Vineyards – a quick left turn past Starr Hill on Crozet Avenue. I beg you, though, instead of taking that left – go right. There are two wineries tucked away out there that I honestly think might be two of the best in town. First, White Hall Vineyards. It’s actually considered one of the classics of the area. Beyond their shockingly, consistently delicious wines [including a Gewurztraminer that tastes like lychee, no joke] and beautiful scenery, their staff is phenomenal. We met the newest staff member [fresh from Oregon] who used to teach the children of the professors on Semester at Sea. How. Incredible. She was able to offer insight into not only Virginia wine, but provide comparisons to West Coast wines and tell phenomenal travel stories, as well. We walked out with three bottles: the Chardonnay, the Gewurztraminer and the Cabernet Franc, a rarity for us. I’ve never found a winery as consistently delicious across grapes and varietals as this one, and as unbelievably reasonably priced. Go go go. And take me, please.

Stinson Vineyards: Almost next door is the brand new Stinson Vineyards, which opened in July of 2011. It’s a tiny family-run joint, one sister is the vintner, one runs the front of the house. Where do I start? Well first, the design. It’s a Pinterest-lover’s dream, aesthetically speaking. Just take a look at the photo on the home page. The bottle labels are sleek, chic, and modern:

The wines are delicious. They’re not growing most of their own grapes yet, but plan to as soon as feasible. Shaun and I shared a bottle of the Sugar Hollow White after tasting their selection. It’s a little sweeter than my go-to whites, but the pear flavor was irresistible, and it was a steal at $15 [there’s something about this area that lends itself to reasonably priced delicious wines!]. Their Chardonnay was a bit young, but I highly recommend the Sauvignon Blanc, as well.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. IT’S A DOG FRIENDLY WINERY. But not dog friendly like, come sit outside with your dog. Dog friendly like, BRING YOUR DOG INSIDE. Meet Dallas, the winery’s pomeranian:

i loved him.

I’m nervous to take Grady inside because he’s basically a bull in a china shop [I haven’t written about him in a while, but he’s so large it’s not even funny anymore], but considering that starting in April they’re going to have Thursday night Barbecue Nights: BYO meats [!!!!!!!!] I think they might start seeing a little too much of us.

The Market at Bellair: What better to pair your Sugar Hollow White with than sandwiches from The Market at Bellair? And yes, C’Villains, this is what it’s called. It’s not “Bellair.” It’s Tiger Fuel’s “The Market,” and that’s the Bellair location. Trust me. I hadn’t eaten here in ages, but my friend Lauren brought it up the night before and I couldn’t resist packing it into a winery picnic. My go-to? The Yogaville, on a wrap: havarti, swiss, white cheddar, sprouts, veggies, mayo. Sometimes, you gotta get cheesy.

dallas liked it.

The [Sadface] Dud:

Black Market Moto Saloon: There’s been a lot of hype leading up to the opening of the Black Market Moto Saloon, which it unfortunately [for us] did not live up to. The menu that used to be on Facebook [that I dreamed about because it’s by the same owner as Tea Bazaar, a vegetarian’s dream restaurant] is no more, and was replaced with some sad, sad foods that were sadly too expensive and sadly too apparently came straight out of a can. The beers were nothing special and pretty much available at Beer Run. The space is a bit empty, but I sincerely hope they use it as a music venue! It would be phenomenal. Mayhaps we will give it another try if that ever happens, but for now, I’ll check this one off the list. I’m curious, has anyone else been there?

I swear, I do more than sample wines and beers.

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