Wedding 101: The Dress [Or, this weekend’s “FINALLY” #2]

Well, here it is:

That’s Maid of Honor/Awesome Photographer Kelly, by the way. She said she felt it was her MOH duty to carry the dress box back to the car.

I have to say, I went to D.C. yesterday expecting to just pick something. I chose ten dresses to try during my appointment, and figured that something would work. Just work. I’m not a big dress person, and I don’t like wearing much of anything other than black [doesn’t show dirt!], so there was really nothing redeeming about a wedding gown to me. I wanted something fun, not extravagant, and light, and every dress I had tried on before this was pretty suffocating.

The dress I chose, the one tucked away in that giant box, was the first dress that Katie, the J. Crew Weddings stylist, hung in my fitting room. It was the first one that I put on, too. I’ll be honest, I didn’t make it through the other ten. It was clear after the first few attempts [with brutally honest Kelly’s retorts: “That’s ugly.” “That’s preppy.” “That’s boring.” “You look like a robot.”] that nothing worked as well as the first.

loved it. It was light. It fit perfectly. [Katie: “You’ve got your size down pretty well!” Me: “You have no idea how much I spend at J. Crew on a regular basis.”] It wasn’t extravagant. It didn’t have a corset, or buttons, or sequins, or glitter, or anything fairy and/or Disney princess-y that usually makes me gag. It was comfortable. It was actually perfect. And that’s how my wedding dress surprised me. I knew it was the right one when I had zero desire to take it off.

My “finding my dress” story isn’t nearly as dreamy as many women’s stories – you know, the one where it’s the first dress they tried on EVER, it made them cry, and it ended up being their “dream” dress. I didn’t have a dream dress, and considering we’re a little over five months [!!!] from the date, It’s not as if I wasn’t crunched for time. But oh my god do I adore this dress. I can’t wait to wear it. That’s all that matters, right? Finally.*

Obviously, I won’t be posting a picture here, but if you’re interested in seeing it, let me know. Hooray for checking one more thing off of the to-do list. Next up? Bridesmaid’s dresses…

* Don’t forget FINALLY #1.


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2 Comments on “Wedding 101: The Dress [Or, this weekend’s “FINALLY” #2]”

  1. Michelle
    February 22, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    ooo, of course i want to see!

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