Texture Eating?

Grady’s bizarre illness wasn’t the only thing that made last week rough. I was actually feeling a little under the weather myself on Monday. I made it to class, but couldn’t overcome a monster headache and nausea and ended up skipping a workout. It was an early night. I’ve actually had the headache the entire week now, too. Gross.

Since I was being a lazy bum, Shaun took on dinner:

Kale, garlic, parsley, crushed tomatoes, onions, red chili flakes and oysters, sauteed together on the stove. It should have been delicious, right?

For some reason, my mouth couldn’t take it. The grittiness of the oyster and the squishiness of the tomatoes was not going over well, and actually increased my nausea. I ended up passing my portion to shaun and opting for a cup of vegetable soup instead. That’s not to say that Shaun’s meal was bad. It actually encapsulates a debate that he and I have often: he thinks I’m more of a “texture eater” than he is. The flavors that night are all ones I adore, but the texture of the dish against my already ill-feeling stomach just didn’t work.

We’ve encountered this in a few other situations: most notably, the pickled tripe at Momofuku,* whose flavors I loved, but I couldn’t get over how it felt in my mouth. Too foreign, too rubbery, and it lingered for too long. Probably not the best example because I imagine of all foods a cow’s stomach lining evokes that feeling in many people, but you get the point. Shaun doesn’t have this problem – if it tastes good he can eat it, unaffected by the texture.

Does anyone else have this “problem” like I do, where texture trumps flavor? Or are you like Shaun, where flavor is the star?

* David Chang and Christina Tosi – single-handedly stealing my fiance’s heart from me, one freaking tripe and truffle at a time.




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3 Comments on “Texture Eating?”

  1. Jackie
    August 8, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    I do have the texture problem. I can’t eat pears because they are too grainy, and seaweed makes me gag. I’ve also noticed that I will get cravings for foods by texture: I’m craving something creamy so I want mac and cheese, I’ll crave pasta.. doesn’t matter what kind or what it tastes like, I just want pasta. One last weird food issue is that I will love the way something smells, but hate it when I eat it. Pickles for instance. And coffee until very recently. I’m not sure why my senses would counteract each other like that, but its really annoying to smell something yummy, then take a bite and want to spit it out.

    • August 8, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

      I have the same problem with seaweed sometimes, actually!

  2. November 30, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    I have a texture problem too. I can’t eat blueberries because of their skin. Strawberries feel almost sharp, in a way, and carrots. Can’t eat raw carrots. The way you chew them, and they get stuck in your teeth, I can’t swallow it… ugh. It’s like chewing grated sandpaper. And rice. Ew.

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