Leftover Avocado: What to do?

Avocado does not sit well once cut into [even if you  paint its open side with lemon or lime juice] so I had to cook with the remnants from Shaun’s zucchini casserole, and fast. I only had to search my recipe archives for about ten seconds before I figured out what to do: “Creamy Avocado Pasta” from Oh She Glows. I’ve tried quite a few of Angela’s recipes, including the vegan burritos and the butternut mac and cheese, and It’s safe to say she creates some of the best vegan dishes in the blogosphere. I knew this one would be a hit.

Because it’s intended to be a side dish, I spruced it up with some add-ons, all tied together by this “tequila lime” seasoning I got at Whole Foods last summer. Since the seasoning had lime, I replaced the lemon juice in Angela’s pasta with lime juice. I also switched out the olive oil for unsweetened almond milk, because I had to use a little bit more liquid to get the blender to blend half an avocado.


In the pasta [carba nada noodles, for sure – 12g protein]: peas, sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and onion, all sauteed while the noodles were cooking and the sauce was blending. On the side: Twin Oaks tofu steaks marinated in the leftover sriracha marinade from Shaun’s beer cabbage with spicy tofu, with a little bit of lime juice and basil tossed in the pan.

burnt it a bit, didn't i?

Using avocado to create a cream sauce really is a brilliant idea. It’s got a bit more depth and flavor than simply using milk or earth balance. It’s definitely unique, and I’ll definitely use it again. Angela’s only advice: serve it immediately. Avocado cream sauce does not make a good leftover…

With dinner, we watched the final Harry Potter. I got made fun of at work so much this summer for calling it HP7v2, but isn’t that what it is? Two of my biggest takeaways from the films [other than that they were, as a whole, phenomenal] is that (1) they were perfectly cast and (2) I really wish the series would have ended without that final “19 years later” scene. Definitely a mood-killer.

For Angela’s avocado pasta recipe, check out her Recipage. For Shaun’s sriracha marinade, go here.


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3 Comments on “Leftover Avocado: What to do?”

  1. January 21, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Yum. The whole thing looks yummy. This whole darned good. Can’t wait to try it! It looks pretty easy too.

  2. Laura
    January 21, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    Looks good, Court! I’m heading back to Cville tomorrow and am planning on doing my big spring semester kick-off Whole Foods run this week. I’ve been wondering whether you have any suggestions for ingredients (seasonings, sauces, basic kitchen staples, etc.) that I should have on hand to make your recipes and recipes from the various cooking blogs you and I read. I think I’d be a bit more adventurous when choosing what to cook for dinner each night if it didn’t require special trips to Foods of All Nations to scoop up sriracha or some other basic, but somewhat obscure, ingredient. Thanks!

    • January 22, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

      Welcome back! I honestly just keep greens, starches, some beans, and then fruits on hand at all times, and I walk to C’Ville market to pick up the missing pieces if there’s a recipe I really want. The WF bulk section is perfect for wild rice, pastas, oats, etc. Lentils, too! Love lentils.

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