Exam Fuel: What We Ate [Week 1]

This morning was exam #1 [Trusts and Estates]. Advice for me: study more. Advice for you: don’t ever ask me to draft your will. Actually, I get wills. It’s trusts that are the problem. Groan. At least the next one is First Amendment law. That I can handle.

Shaun and I quickly bounced back with an incredible lunch at Tea Bazaar [not pictured…was too hungry]: Masala Chai tea, a “Bazaar Salad” with veggies, walnuts, tofu salad, feta, pita, INCREDIBLE… and quite a few rounds of Connect Four [hint: I lost every time]. Why I have never eaten lunch there before is beyond me. We followed our food with a long walk to Craftacular [where I scored this for myself from an Etsy vendor who just so happens to be a C’Villain], Feast [for some edible gifts!] and Jean Theory, where I found my holiday dress. You know, the law-firm-party, Shaun-and-Courtney-holiday-dinner, family-christmases, New Year’s Eve, all-purpose dress. Pairs just as well with pumps as penny loafers, thank you very much.

And then, we came home to find this from our adorable and thoughtful wedding photographer:


peppermint bark!

Thanks, Tahni! It’s delicious. And may make its way into some oatmeal reallll soon.

Grady’s been sick for the past few days. Thursday night he woke us up at 1AM, 2AM, 4AM and 6AM. Last night? 12:45, 2AM, 6AM. Needless to say, everyone in this house is exhausted – both mentally from tests, and physically from lack of sleep and a horrible run. Why do I feel like a less efficient runner since beginning the half marathon training plan? I’m chalking it up to the cold weather…

Anyway, I leave you with “What We Ate: Exam Week 1.” We haven’t gone hungry, in fact, we’ve had some INSANELY good meals this week. Not pictured: a trip to Arch’s, an applesauce cookie at Albemarle Baking Company, two YP2’s at Panera, and a Whole Foods dinner that involved drinks at the bar, chatting with the staff, and free cheese samples. Yes, you can drink at Whole Foods, and yes, you should. Cheap, delicious selections of wines and beers, and all the food you can dream of.

At some point this week [I don’t know what day it is anymore], Shaun whipped up soy meat napa cabbage wraps with garbanzo beans and shitake mushrooms. Spiced with cumin. DELISH.

toothpicked together.


I finally fulfilled my dream of making roasted curried cauliflower. As crunchy as french fries and oh so good.


After whipping up a homemade Ethiopian berbere spice blend…[12 different spices!]


I made this insanely spicy, EXTREMELY DELICIOUS Ethiopian spicy red lentils with brown rice dish. Please, please, make this if you like spicy food. I want to eat it every day [after my daily Tea Bazaar salad, of course].

clears your sinuses.

super cilantro.

For breakfast, since we’re sitting around studying, I tried my hand at my first pumpkin buckwheat bake. With sugar-free maple syrup and bananas, this was bomb. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try a carrot cake buckwheat bake. Stay tuned.

I need to eat this every day.

Shaun took over again for a pasta Fra Diavolo with shitake mushrooms, chili pepper, and Shaun’s mom’s canned tomatoes. What’s with us and spicy foods this week [see also: here]? I can’t get enough.

even more spice.

it helps us feel alive.

See, you CAN study and eat at the same time. Keep reading for finals weeks 2 and 3. Week 2’s going to have a ton of Philadelphia in it, including a Greek meal I’m already excited for…


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