From Scary Movies to Scary Stories

Meet Stingy Jack.



Stingy Jack was a most unpleasant man who lived in Ireland. He was basically your modern-day drunk mess, who lied and cheated his way out of every deal. One day, he made a deal with the devil. Sadly for him, this deal backfired pretty badly. When Stingy Jack died his poor negotiation skills made it such that neither Heaven nor Hell would have him, so he was forced to roam the countryside for eternity, carrying only a turnip stuffed with a lump of coal to light his way.



Stingy Zombie/Ghost Jack came to be known as “Jack of the Lantern” in Ireland, and families would carve turnips and hang them in their windows to ward off Jack and other malicious ghosts. Over time, his spirit came to be known as Jack O’ Lantern.

When the Irish emigrated to America, they discovered the pumpkin.

more carve-able if you ask me.


Hollower, sturdier, and more abundant than the turnip, this crop came to replace the root in the windows of families wishing to light up their homes to keep out ghoulies and ghosties. And that’s how what we think of as the simple tradition of pumpkin carving came to be. A much creepier origin than I imagined.



What’s your favorite story about the holiday?


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