Revolutionary Soup

For the last two years I’ve avoided Revolutionary Soup, a tiny little place on second street off the Downtown Mall, for reasons that seem silly now. Honestly, I thought it was a chain. I think I was confusing it with “Hale and Hearty Soups.” I completely misconceived the place, and I’m sad my hesitation made it such that last night was my first time here.

As it turns out, Revolutionary Soup is a locally owned, locally run restaurant that sources all of their ingredients from nearby, sustainable farms [including Polyface, Twin Oaks, and Kite’s VIRGINIA HAMZ WHAT WHAT]. Their breads come from Albemarle Baking Co. and Breadworks, and many of their wines and beers are from local breweries and wineries.

What is more, Rev. Soup has won “Best Vegetrian Menu” and “Best Vegan Options” in Best of C’Ville for the last, well, forever. I’ve spent a fair amount of time whining about C’Ville’s lack of an Atlas Cafe or Ipanema; and although Rev Soup isn’t quite on that level, it’s still fills a void. And, it’s awesome for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


When you walk down the stairs into the basement restaurant, you’re greeted with this monster of a menu. Their soup, salad, wrap/sandwich/hoagie, quesadilla, and all-day-breakfast menu changes so frequently based on the availability of local ingredients that this is probably the only way they can keep up. Every day they have at least one tomato, potato, vegetable, chicken and “hearty stew,”-based soup, too.

The menu clearly labels which dishes are “vegan,” “vegetarian,” “gluten free,” and “dairy free” to help you make decisions, but it still took me forever to decide what I wanted [Thai Tofu Wrap? Black Bean Wrap? Mushroom and Gruyere Sandwich? White Cheddar Quesadilla? Mediterranean Salad? Spicy Peanut-Tofu Soup? I freaked out]. In the end Shaun and I opted for a sampler of sorts.

Dish 1.

My main [Dish 1] was a simple “Athens Salad”: spinach, artichoke, feta, roasted peppers and balsamic. Honestly, this was a little underwhelming, but then I remembered it was only five dollars.

Dish 2.

Shaun’s main [Dish 2] was this incredible Twin-Oaks Tofu Sandwich [I’m convinced there’s nothing better than Twin Oaks’ brand]. Wheat bread, tofu, arugula, onions, tomato and fig dijon. The fig made this sandwich.

Dish 3.

We obviously had to share a soup, as well [Dish 3]: Vegan 3-bean stew made with kidney, garbanzo, and white beans. This was stellar.

Date night dinner.

Shaun proclaimed that he “found us a new date night spot” about two bites into his tofu sandwich. The food may look simple, but the taste and the price can’t be beat. Plus, as a veg, I can come back here an infinite number of times and never have to order the same thing – a rarity in restaurants. Revolutionary Soup is so modest that it’s easily overlooked, but not rightfully so. It’s a delicious, inexpensive way to accommodate every type of eater in your group. Celiacs, vegans, and ham-lovers UNITE.


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