How Does Your Sweet Tooth Fare?

Without a doubt, the best time to be an only child is Halloween. Who likes sharing on Halloween? I was a lucky kid because the only person I had to set booby traps around my plastic pumpkin for was my dad. My mom’s favorite flavor is dark chocolate. When you’re ten, dark chocolate is nasty, so we never butted heads. My dad, however, would steal Reeses PB Cups from his only issue without shame, because come on those things are incredible and thank you dad for keeping me thin.

Today, Yumsugar released the “Best Candy of All Time” Bracket, which I played – who doesn’t look at photos of rock-solid candies when chewing is the most painful thing you could do? The ultimate champion wins free candy for a year from Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. If you haven’t been to Dylan’s, well, let’s just say they sell Swarovski Crystal Pez Dispensers. Obviously a foodstuff necessity. I don’t really love candy, and honestly never really eat it, so this prize doesn’t appeal to me. The bracket was a fun way to reminisce about the awesomeness of childhood Halloween gluttony, though.

I’ll tell you what candy came out on top for me after a short candy tangent, consisting of my five favorite childhood candies that I almost forgot about:

5. Airheads: A strip of chewy, flavored sugar. These fueled my summer swimteam meets because you could buy them at the pool for FIVE CENTS EACH. My favorite was definitely watermelon, and the white one. What was the white one?


4. Raisinets: Chocolate-covered raisins. I should find a way to put those in an oatmeal or an oatmeal cookie. Did you know they now have cranberry raisinets? Totally should have gotten permission to call them “Craisinets.” Cranberry Raisinet is misleading.


3. Smarties: Should probably not exist because they’re just a giant roll of dried sugar tablets. But they’re delicious. It’s a giant roll of dried sugar tablets. Have you ever wondered what the flavor breakdown is? I’ll give you a hint: White ones are orange-cream flavored, and the green ones are strawberry flavored. Duh.


2. Peppermint Patties: Delicious. My nan used to keep these around the house, but me and my cousin annihilated Berks County’s entire York Peppermint Patty supply about 8 years ago.


1. Peanut Butter Twix: WHERE HAVE THESE GONE I NEED THEM? [No photo, sad].

And… my Yumsugar bracket winner? Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, of courseThe pumpkins, trees, and eggs are the best because they’re stuffed with peanut butter, but I’m most certainly not picky when it comes to these guys. I walk by the halloween aisle in the grocery store with longing each day until November 1st when they wipe down the shelves. Candy’s something I just can’t justify, but it’s a great thing to dream of eating.

Don’t forget to play the Best Candy of All Time Bracket HERE. Let me know how your sweet tooth fares!


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