C’Ville’s Best Places to Watch the Game, Pt. II

NLDS Game 5: Fry’s Spring Station

Against all better judgment, Shaun and I stopped in to Fry’s Spring Station last night to watch the first hour of the game before I hit the hay for the 6K. You may remember we recently tried dinner there for the first time and really enjoyed it.

Fry's Spring

The game was not a happy one for Philadelphia and marked the end of my search for a good game spot in C’Ville [for now]. Our experience was decent enough to soften the blow…but only by a bit.

The Pros:

  • Responsive, friendly staff. We walked in wearing Phillies gear, and without prompting a server made every effort to change the channel so we could watch the game.
  • They’ve got an interesting wine and beer list: an amalgamation of Italian wines, Virginia wines, and Virginia beers. All of their beers on draft, except for their New Belgium tap, are Virginian. They also have something called a “Pomegranate Margarita Martini,” about which I have absolutely nothing to say.
  • There’s a fire pit. With the garage doors open, you can see the TV’s from the seats around the pit.
  • Even though it was a Friday night, the bartender wasn’t upset when I opted for tea and sparkling water rather than something alcoholic.*

The Cons:

  • Only two TVs. One of them is visible from the tables and the fire pit, the other from the bar. The bar TV is right in front of the server station, where staff picks up drinks from the bartender. Sitting close to the TV meant we were privy to every server’s conversation about their tables – who they hated, who wasn’t tipping, who they gave nicknames to.  I served for 7 years, and only now really understand why managers preferred that we keep our complaining in the back rooms.
  • Location, location, and parking. Fry’s Spring is about as close as you can get to JPA extended without driving onto JPA extended [which you actually can’t do at all right now, the road is closed] and has approximately 5 parking spaces. Go ahead and try to find street parking on the undergraduate side of town, I dare you.
  • The wines and beers average about $1 more than other places around C’Ville.
  • It’s freezing inside.

The Score:

Fry’s Spring gets a 6/10 for sports watching. It’s a bit of a trek and the risk of not being able to see a TV screen is high. Plus, once you’re over there, there’s no other options. Their food, however, is delicious – so FSS’s versatility extends beyond sports games. Phillies or no Phillies, they can’t keep us away.

* I’m a chronic and outrageous over-tipper, anyway. I just really do understand how much it sucks to do that job sometimes, and I always remember how I felt when I’d get a surprise 25 or 30 or 50% tip. It doesn’t make up for all of the stressors, but it certainly helps.


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