The Great Vegetable Roast Fest

It’s no secret that roasting vegetables takes quite some time. I decided to test out roasting all things vegetable at once today, since many of my upcoming dishes require roasted vegetables. It was a beautiful spread, everything having been purchased from farmers at the market, plus my very first Whole Food’s spaghetti squash. !!! Totally what it sounds like, but more on that in a second.

I preheated the oven to 375 degrees, and prepared the vegetables as follows:

  • Carrots: folded in aluminum foil
  • Beets: peeled, ends removed, and folded in aluminum foil

Giant vegetables.

  • Sweet potato: ends removed and folded in aluminum foil
  • Brussels sprouts: stem trimmed and outside leaves removed, sliced in half, drizzled with oil & S&P on a baking pan

Thanks, city market.

  • Eggplant: diced into 1-inch cubes, drizzled with the same and put on the baking pan
  • Broccoli: left whole, drizzled with the same and put on the pan

Yet another pan o' vegs.

  • For the spaghetti squash: I removed the ends, sliced it in half, scooped out the insides, and put it on a second pan with salt and pepper

Everything roasted for 40 minutes.


The beets, carrots, and broccoli are for tomorrow’s dinner [so excited already]. We housed the spaghetti squash and brussels today.

The takeaway [other than that mass-roasting is a great idea]? Spaghetti squash is awesome.


After it’s removed from the oven and cools for a bit, just grab a fork and shred, shred, shred.


It turns into “noodles” that have the same texture and consistency as spaghetti noodles, without the carbs and calorie coma.


Dinner was “spaghetti” with vegan chicken in a tuscan sauce [with onion and tomato], served with the roasted farmer’s market brussels.

Huge fan.

Shaun and I agreed on two things*: (1) we’re picking up another spaghetti squash this week; and (2) we need more brussels sprouts. This was all SO good. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the farmer’s market ends for the winter…

* Rare.


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