On Online Dating and Online Shopping

Sad news for vegetarians looking for love: a “vegetarian” dating site was ordered to change its stripes after it was discovered that most of its members weren’t really even vegetarian or vegan. Now, it’s a dating site for “single people who lead a healthy lifestyle.” Who knew dating sites were so hyper-specialized?

But, it begs larger questions: Do the eating habits of your partner affect your own? Should the eating habits of your partner affect your own? Should finding out that someone indulges in the occasional short rib be a dealbreaker for the staunchest of vegans?

Study after study confirms that your eating habits are affected by those around you – we mostly see this in articles referencing how women often experience weight gain after moving in with their partners. But in my opinion, this doesn’t have to be the case. Although Shaun was a vegetarian for years before we met, he now eats meat, albeit not regularly and with care and thought. I, personally, am not offended by this, and I think our different food choices [and ability to accept those choices] reflect what relationships are all about: compromise. But, I am also not representative of different ends of the spectrum of vegetarians or vegans, so I’d love to hear other thoughts.

What I think is more problematic about the veggie dating site is the actual misrepresentation it fostered. I would never want Shaun to act like he doesn’t eat meat for my sake, and I would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable eating it in my presence [although if you want me to go into my rant, I will]. If a relationship between two people with different beliefs on an issue is going to work, it needs to start with honesty, and that is why what this vegetarian dating site did was so bad – it was creating connections based on an assumption – that daters were relying on – and that it knew to be false from the beginning. Thumbs down, veggie dating site.

Why Online Shopping is Amazing:

In other news, I spent the bulk of last night obsessing over a new pair of running shoes. This is particularly silly because I’ve been wearing the same style for two years, so really my obsession was merely over their color. Anyway, I picked out a pair around 11:30PM last night on Zappos VIP.

By 10:30AM, they were on our front porch. Yes, that’s 10:30AM, 11 hours later.


I’m not kidding. That means, at most it took 11 hours to get these shoes – but they could have been out there longer without us noticing. This is why online shopping rocks – it literally occurred in the time stores are generally closed, with zero wait. Thanks, Zappos VIP! If only my MLB gear had arrived as fast… the first game is tomorrow and I am LACKING.

These are the Nike Pegasus+ 28 Trail. I have the Pegasus+ 28 Breathe and the Pegasus +28 standard [P.S. I have a ton of running shoes], but I thought I’d give these a try for a few reasons:

(1) the 10K is partially trail

(2) They’re Dia de los Muertos colors! Perfect for the month.

(3) They’re waterproof. Plus TEN.

I wore them to the gym today for some light cardio to break them in – but I don’t think they needed it. I think these are more cushioned than the standard Pegasus+, probably to compensate for the uncertain footing on many trails. I’m definitely a fan, and will let you know how they hold up outdoors tomorrow.

And I guess the DDLM colors mean I’ll have to get another pair after November 1st…shame.

Off to Stephen Malkmus tonight – stay tuned for a guest post!


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2 Comments on “On Online Dating and Online Shopping”

  1. Tania
    September 30, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    I have the Pegasus+ 26 Trail, I like them a lot. They’re super comfortable on trail, road, and treadmill. My only complaint has been that the toe box seems very big. These look a little more streamlined, so they may have altered that.. or it could just be the angle. Or maybe I have small toes. Regardless.. they are nearing the end of their mileage life but I will probably upgrade to their successor!

    • September 30, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

      Do it! I’m a fan of the Pegasus, I BLOW through them an every time they come out with the next model I snatch them up. * addict *

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