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In other news, I’m so glad I wrote about the Zombie 5K – Shaun and I now have a friend who agreed to run for his life with us! We’d welcome more people on our team, too. It is the zombie apocalypse, after all… there’s strength in numbers.

I blogged earlier about the obsessive nature with which I attack a mixtape when I’m creating one, and I mentioned in particular a mix where I took the time to make sure the last note of the previous song was in the first chord of the next song [inspired loosely by the concept behind the Lost episode “The Constant”]. Did I make it all the way to the end? No [probably only 4-5 tracks in], because style took over when I couldn’t find songs with the same notes. But even a year later, this one is still one of my favorites.

I thought I’d dip back into my mixtape archives [otherwise known as “iTunes”] and share this one today, particularly because it has one of my favorite Wavves tracks on it and they’re still on my mind from Monday night. Enjoy a taste of May 2010! And sigh, I realize there’s yet another track off of a Twilight soundtrack on here… it’s just a good record, that’s all.

*Hint: I try to close each mix with a song that signals in some way that you’re at the end [whether it be extremely slow, or loud, or conclusive, etc.], so when you’re listening in a car [and it’s a constant loop] you have an idea of when it’s over and when it begins.

**Hint 2: The Andre 3000 Beatles cover is stellar [written for a Nike promo, I believe]. It takes a lot of guts to cover that band, and he pulled it off with gusto in a unique and fun way. I encourage a listen.

#11 – The Constant (ish)

1. “Crown on the Ground” – Sleigh Bells [Sleigh Bells]

2. “In Spain” – Vadoinmessico [Vadoinmessico EP]

3. “Day Glo” – Brazos [Phosphorescent Blues]

4. “Hey” – Elvis Perkins [Elvis Perkins in Dearland]

5. “Shadow People” – Dr. Dog [Shame, Shame]

6. “All Together Now (Beatles Cover)” – Andre 3000 [Single]

7. “Everlasting Light” – The Black Keys [Brothers]

8. “Untitled 101” – Peter Wolf Crier [Inter-Be]

9. “King of Spain” – The Tallest Man on Earth [The Wild Hunt]

10. “What Part of Forever?” – Cee Lo Green [Twilight: Eclipse OST]

11. “Green Eyes” – Wavves [King of the Beach]

12. “In Our Talons” – Bowerbirds [Hymns for a Dark Horse]


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