Oatmeal Test Kitchen: Coach’s Oats

When I discovered that the nutritional content of steel cut oats is negligibly different than that of its flattened-out cousin, the rolled oat, I immediately informed Shaun. Why must we stare at a pot for 25 minutes every morning when we can get the same nutrition in five?

“It’s the texture,” he said of his love for steel-cut, “it’s just so much better.”

Shaun defines the market that Coach’s Oats is trying to tap into.

Photo source. Rather than fully roll out the whole oat groat, Coach’s Oats has patented a new process that creates what they call “cracked oats.” First the oats groats are toasted, then “cracked into small pieces.” This, the company believes, leads to oats with the non-mushy texture of a steel-cut oats bowl in the time it takes to make rolled oats. The best of both worlds, I believe? I decided to try a sample, which you can receive for $1.75 through their website [note: I did not receive any compensation for this entry].

Toasted and cracked.

The oats definitely did look cracked, almost like tiny pieces of mulch, when I dumped them into the pot. A 1/4 cup serving also only requires 3/4 cup liquid, rather than the 1-cup required of steel cut oats, which likely contributes to their firmer texture [I believe that although my sample was 1/4 cup, a true serving is actually 1/3 cup, so that may require more water].

From start to finish, Coach’s Oats took 8 minutes to cook on the stove. The packet also says they are easily microwaveable in about 3.5 minutes. One serving provides 17% of your fiber (both soluble and insoluble) and 6 grams of protein.

These were a winner. I didn’t feel like I was eating soggy mush. I dressed them simply with vanilla protein powder, dried fruit and banana, and really enjoyed the texture and flavor. Coach’s Oats are stil less firm than steel-cut, but not by much, and the trade-off is the time you save cooking them. I’ll likely be purchasing a bag from their online store shortly! I encourage you to take a look at their other products, including pancake mixes. Whole grains are good for you, after all.


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