Birthdays and Bands

“Happy 5th birthday, with a two squeezed in before the five” to the Best Man, and RJ! We celebrated both boys’ birthdays yesterday with a rainy-day cookout.

Birthday boys - RJ, left, and Evan - best man.

There were burgers, and veggie burgers, and doritos, and festive beers.

Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

This Sam Adams seasonal was surprisingly really good. The pumpkin flavor was supplemented by what I swear was actual pumpkin pie spice, which is different than many pumpkin ales. I, however, am now officially sick of beer. I’m ready for a change.

And then there were THESE.


These were basically peanut butter icebox bars that Brittany made for Evan. The secret? Crushed graham crackers blended in. She promised she’d share the recipe with me soon! Shaun swears up and down that he had about five, and I probably broke off a little piece each time he stole one… they were so delicious.

RJ’s band, Invaluable, graced us with an hour-long set in Evan’s house.

RJ, Rome and Keith.

Their music was very upbeat – definitely some surfer-influenced tunes, and of course a cover of “Say it ain’t so.” Even though they didn’t have their drummer, we all enjoyed the rhythms.

RJ and Keith.

Hearing bands in such an intimate setting is always a lot of fun. Definitely check out their website and Facebook page. They gave us each a copy of their August 2011 EP, “Walken Tall” [and yes, there’s a photo of Christopher Walken on the front].

Of course, presents were opened. These included a mind control machine, a Justin Bieber notebook, a half-eaten container of oreos, laffy taffy, a cookie jar, and a signed photograph of Evan’s favorite person in the world.

Christian Slater, no joke.

I also left with a present of my own. Evan is a graphic designer and a really great artist. In fact, he’s going to design all of the paper materials for the wedding – including the signs outside the venue. The Jefferson Theater allows you to use all of their poster frames the day of your wedding. I hope we get a giant photo of Christian Slater.

After seeing a set of these hanging in the bathroom, I knew I needed to own them, so Evan gave me a set – signed! Shaun and Ryan served as my models in this photo:


Thanks, Evan. Grady was more than happy to see us when we got back. Shaun’s parents said it’s pretty clear his teeth are starting to bother him a lot. He sort of cries and runs his gums along everything he can get his mouth around. So sad to watch. If anyone has any advice on how to help puppies with teething, we’d love to hear it.

We’ve got a few more things to do in VB, and then we’re off to my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. So sad the weekend is over!

Also, Happy Birthday to the Maid of Honor, Kelly!

I hope you're doing this again.


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