The Broken Egg

Grady is adjusting well to his new home.

Let me sleep, thanks.

I think he particularly enjoys the long hallways because he can [attempt to] run. His legs are still a little too big for his body, so it’s more of a flop/prance, but he is having a blast all the same.

The Broken Egg [Chesapeake, VA]

The first and only question the waitress asked me at brunch today was, “would you like your hash browns shredded or cubed?” I knew at that moment we were in heaven [hint: I picked cubed]. The Broken Egg Bistro in Chesapeake is a place that Shaun has been raving about forever, but we never had a chance to check it out until now.

Sweet bistro.

The place was packed, but thankfully they allow call-ahead. It’s the perfect combination of diner food, ambience, and a great bar. In fact, it’s the only place in Hampton Roads that serves Blenheim Vineyards [Dave Matthews’ vineyard in Charlottesville] wines. They’re famous for a dish called the “Kitchen Sink,” which is FIVE POUNDS OF BREAKFAST FOOD. If you eat the whole thing, you get it free.

Thankfully, not vegetarian.

In the short time we were there, I saw two people attempt. The adult didn’t even come close. The teenaged boy put him to shame, as teenaged boys often do. I didn’t stick around to see if he finished, or vomited, or both, but I can’t even fathom where five pounds of breakfast food goes in your body.

The menu was pretty classic diner. What do I always get at diners? An omelette. Mine was the veggie omelette [egg whites!] with a biscuit and my “cubed” hash browns. They even had sugar-free jams for the biscuit. The omelette came with an extra spoonful of the veggies on the side as a garnish, too. It was delicious, but too big to finish.

I was not able to finish this.

And, what does Shaun get without fail at diners? Reuben melts. This one came with garlic fries, and you better believe I stole some.

Delicious marbled rye.

Even though it was PACKED, the service was amazing, and not a single glass on the table ever hit empty. I can’t wait to go back again.

We came home to Grady being a monster. I’ll leave you with this image.


Shaun’s parents have graciously agreed to puppy-sit, because we’re heading out to celebrate the Best Man’s birthday. I’m sure he’ll be better for them than he ever is for us…

Fun Fact: Our Maid of Honor, Kelly’s birthday is Sunday, and our Best Man [Evan]’s birthday is Monday. Coincidence?


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2 Comments on “The Broken Egg”

  1. Bev Licon
    September 17, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    Like how you combined restaurant news with wine info and tie in adorable Grady–you keep it interesting.


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